Michael is

currently a product engineer at Conversica

formerly a freelance developer from home

adventuring in a mysterious digital landscape

and usually chillin with the rain monsters



things he's doing


His freelance career took off in 2012, shaking hands with a variety of small businesses, websites were made and clients were happy. Rainydayidea came to fruition as a safe haven and playground for all things web. After two years of building a generous portfolio, he was recruited by Conversica as an engineer. While taking a leap forward into new technologies, his front-end days were not over as he continues to enforce best practices, encourage and imagine great user experiences, and push the limits of responsive design and scalable code.


At Conversica, if he's not smashing away at ping-pong, he's probably engineering all sorts of goodies. Ranging from internal application tools such UI dashboards, client metric reports, lead management tools, and integration systems that streamline our process of lead processing from various CRM's. Anything that automates an internal process for fellow engineers, customer service reps, and account managers, is where most if his time is spent.


PHP MySQL JavaScript Git Phantom Angular Yii HTML CSS UI/UX RWD Wordpress Shopify Photoshop

life in the moment


things he's built

Bare Bones +

Rapidly build responsive websites with this light weight CSS framework. Plenty of container and column size options.

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Wood Chart +

One of my personal favorites. Take a look at these unique and beautiful topographic birch wood charts, it will be worth it.

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One Mind +

A group of passionate individuals who share a motivation to push forward on supporting mental health research.

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Play Network +

A leading innovator of digital and audio engineering systems, they pioneer custom music for business.

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Cookus Interruptus +

An amazing group of people that offers and explores local organic whole foods recipes through an internet show.

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a collection on Svtble

Road Bike Redesign

Started with this 1979 Nishiki Rally. Pretty damn vintage I’d say. Honestly, hated the paint job so something had to change. $120 on Craigslist...

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the path of minimalist design and why it’s awesome

Minimalist web design will always have its place regardless of whether we find it to be plain or overused. Trends will rise and fall, but...

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how emotional investment and value contribute to successful ideas

A few weeks ago I had this idea for an app I thought would be useful for singer/songwriters and guitarists. Like any motivated developer would do...

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